Vintage Oil Cans - Ford Epoxy Hardener & Quartz

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Vintage oil cans come in all shapes and sizes. Some are easy to find and others, are nearly impossible. This antique can is nearly impossible. It is a Ford Genuine Tractor and Implement Accessories can that is still full! 

This rare can is about what you would expect from a can that was most likely used by a farmer. The label is lightly painted with overlapping fingerprints and handling marks. Still clearly read are the words "Always use the Best" ,"Epoxy Hardener & Quartz (Mixed)", "Tractor and Implement Division, Ford Motor Company"


Size: 3.5" diameter, 4" high

Brand: Ford Motor Company

Categories: Man Cave Decor, vintage oil cans

Notes: All of our unique gifts for men, vintage oil cans, antique signs, collectible toys and one of a kind items, are sold as is with no returns.