Visit the Ultimate Man Cave

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Visit the Ultimate Man Cave

Somewhere in Ohio sits the ultimate man cave. This stunning piece of masculinity is the life work of a man who cannot stop moving. A man who retired and decided the way to stay young was to never stop. For years he tore down dilapidated barns to get wood to build his version of heaven. He constructed building after building to house all of his dreams. He wanted his man cave to feel like it was from a different time. And that is exactly what he set out to build. He assembled a time warp that allowed him to step back into an era when selfies and Instagram likes weren’t driving one's existence.

From the outside, each building has its own theme. A saloon, jail, general store. But when you walked through the interior space, you realized that each section runs into the next. You began to see that this guy's vision of a man cave was being around oddities. An ever growing collection of cool.

Man Cave Bar

Man Cave Bar The pièce de résistance of this to this collection is his man cave bar. This is one of the neatest personal saloons ever constructed. Vintage beer bottles, an old cash register, pool table, vintage bar, the list of cool in this room is extensive. But, the most impressive parts of the room is not the stuff, it is the beams that stretch from end to end of this large room. These pieces of lumber are impressive to say the least. One couldn't leave without wondering how much ingenuity it would take to construct a building of this magnitude alone? Let alone many buildings. Simply awesome!

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