1. I have a question about your products. How do I contact you?
    Please email us at info@icravecars.com

  2. What size should I order?
    Please click here to see our sizing charts

  3. When will I receive my order?

    Please allow 1-2 weeks for our t shirts, mugs, and posters if shipped within the USA. Our antiques should arrive between 7-10 business days. 

  4. Why does my t shirt smell like vinegar? 
    During the printing process, our t shirts are coated with a pretreatment liquid to ensure that the ink sits on top of the shirt and doesn't soak into it. This liquid is what causes the smell. Please know that this is normal and will wash out the first time you launder the shirt. Please remember to machine wash cold inside-out and lay flat to dry to ensure your t shirt stays vibrant.

  5. Can I submit a request for a t shirt design? 
    Absolutely! We'd love to hear your ideas. Please email us at info@icravecars.com. If you have a great image (that you own) and give us permission to use, we'll even give you a free t shirt as a thank you if we choose to use it.

  6. Can I commission a custom illustration of my car?
    Yes you can! Pricing starts at $500 and goes up depending on the complexity of the design. With each commission comes a t shirt, coffee mug, and poster to hang in your man cave or garage. Please email us at info@icravecars.com for more information.