Collectible Toys - Western Steam Road Roller by Masudaya

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Take your man cave decor to the next level with antique collectible toys. This is the highly sought after Bubble Road Roller Western Number 338 by Masudaya Modern Toys. This is a mechanically driven, battery-operated toy with litho graphics. This toy is in excellent condition for its age showing very few blemishes. The graphics are bright and full of life. This toy is ready to display in your man cave or game room.

Ready to Display

This battery-operated tin toy is in great shape and is ready to display. We have not tested the toy. There is a crack in the yellow smoke stack. The crack separates the base of the smoke stack from the part that sticks up. This does not effect the visual appearance of the toy since it is hard to see.  Also missing are the rubber tires that once rolled the toy down the road. If you look at the bottom of the toy, you will see a grey cylinder. When the toy was new, there would have been small rubber wheels attached to the cylinder to drive the road roller forward.

Masudaya Has Been Making Collectible Toys For Over 280 years

Masudaya Modern Toys was founded in Tokyo, Japan in 1724. It is the oldest known toy company in the world. They originally produced dolls.  After World War 2 they became a leader in mechanical and battery powered toys. In 1955 Masudaya developed and sold the world's first radio controlled toy. They later developed the first sonic controlled toys and the first combat training airsoft guns.

Over the years, Masudaya has produced many highly collectible toys. These include various wind-up and talking robots, cars, tractors, airplanes, space crafts and airsoft guns. They are still making toys today!

Collectible Toy Specs

Size: 10" x 7" x 5"

Color: Red

Material: Pressed tin

Note: Antique collectible toys like this rare pressed tin Bubble Road Roller by Masudaya are highly sought-after and make great man cave decorAll of our unique gifts for men, man cave gifts, antique signs, collectible toys and one of a kind items, are sold as is with no returns.